SA Precision Aerobatics

Welcome to the home of the South Australian Precision Aerobatics association (SAPA), a group of pilots with a common interest in precision model aerobatics, also known as pattern or F3A. On this site you can find information about local competitions, results and links to other resources.

A great resource for precision aerobatics flying is the Australian Precision Aerobatics website. Here you can find information regarding competition schedules and much more. If you are just starting out have a look in the ‘Competition’ menu and check out the information in the ‘Getting Started in F3A’ section and also grab a copy of the Sportsman schedule and call cards to help you on your way.

The Victorian Precision Aerobatics Association have also produced a great set of Sportsman schedule training videos which can be found on their website here. Well worth a look for the new, and the not so new aerobatics pilot!

For details about competitions in South Australia, check out the Calendar page. If you have any questions about precision aerobatics flying,  be added to our email list, competitions, or would just like to let us know you are entering try the Contact Us page.

If you are on Facebook, why not join up to the Talking F3A Facebook group and get in touch with precision aerobatics flyers across the country.

SAPA competitions are low key, friendly and full of other pilots keen to help you improve your flying. Hope to see you out at a competition soon!




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