Mildura SA/VIC Challenge June 2016

The extended Queens Birthday weekend at Mildura is always a lot of fun and good flying for the annual SA vs VIC challenge. Some will travel Friday and get some good air time in the quiet evening airs, others do their orientation etc. on their first run on Saturday when called to do the manoeuvres.

The teams lined up Saturday morning – the locals not to concerned at the 1-2C temperature and it was clear we would need to pull out something special to combat the VIC  team where ages went from 14-87 – all bases look covered but we were not without good guns, especially in the freshening winds.

The 2 classes of F3A and Advanced did 2 rounds with the Expert/Sportsman getting in 3 when we finished about 5pm. A good day and with great Victorian meats and local foods none were left wanting, (Thankyou Hosts!), except for Jeff Boyd who had a landing incident and found that landing on a table/chairs didn’t do his model much good. But easily solved if you like driving to 12:45 am to go home and get another! All admired his stamina and dedication.

Sunday started with a much better forecast – lower wind and sunny, and at times it was warm too… and with the Advanced/F3A groups starting one of their two rounds then followed by the single round for the others all came out with 4 rounds each finishing at 5, when thanks, acknowledgements and the results were given and trophies were presented and VIC came up with the goods to take out the new perpetual prize for the weekend.

Some were to finish the weekend with a few runs on Monday before heading back. Mildura was very busy and many places booked out – a very large event of motor cycling, triathlon, eisteddfod (music) and another one or two (I forgot) gave the town atmosphere… so thank you Mildura for a well-run and challenging occasion.


F3A – 1: Glenn Orchard, 2: Dennis Travassaros, 3: Russell Edwards

Expert – 1: Jeremy Reynolds, 2: Ryan Bamford, 3: Peter Ukhoff

Advanced – 1: Jason Sparks, 2: David Nugent, 3: Nick Barker

Sportsman – 1: Wally Grembecki





Barossa 22/8/15 – competition report

On Saturday 22 Aug SAPA was scheduled to have a competition day at the wonderful Barossa site but it turned out not quite as expected. Not in any part due to the excellent lunch and venue that we were using – for which we were all very grateful, but entrants were greeted with a thick blanket of fog and no breeze to move it along. Of course impatience got the better and off Peter Ukhoff went.. 250 feet up the model disappeared…. the silence was deafening, then a call some time later and his model was spotted well beyond its entry point and was at stall point not far from the ground – quick reactions regained control and it was landed well.

The morning was then changed to an excellent impromptu coaching and technique session thanks to John Tonks followed by some hands on trimming and setup work once the fog lifted. After lunch Dave Marriner got us organised for a competition and the weather turned on an excellent time. The training theme was also continued but now from the judging chair with discussion and debriefing, including feedback to the pilot, after each flight.

We managed to fit in 3 rounds of Expert, Advanced and Sportsman, the results can be seen below.

Last thanks to John Tonks and also to our hosts and chefs…somehow the weather redeemed itself too!!